Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

Little Teacher

Wow, this kid is truly connected to something… For a few days now, every once in a while he’s told me with a mischiveous smile, his waving finger, and out of nowhere: “Don’t judge anymore”. I always thank him for the wisdom and tell him that I’m doing my best to act on that intention. Then today, in the middle of a playful situation, he hands me “Power Dialogues” and tells me to read page 37.

I find a full page on “Why we Judge”. A page where I had underlined some wise thoughts by Barry Neil Kaufman. So I’m following my little teacher’s direction and I’m reading the sentence:

We can notice an entire category of words that fall within the judgmental subset. Should, have to, supposed to and must.

And as I’m right on that thought, Joaquin smiles at me and blurts out “Pep Talk!”, which I immediately recognize as the title of my last blog post.

I think I need to re-read it and see if I can find Joaquin’s message for me today. Is he validating my recent and growing actions to stop all intervention efforts to “heal him” and just live life together like we have for a month now?… I keep finding evidence of how that’s working for both of us, but the “Responsible Mother” program still pops subtly every once in a while. Is he telling me “believe you’re on the right track already!”?…

. . . . .

[Commenting to my aunt on the original post on facebook]

Yes! My journey had to start with the intervention, and God gave it to me right away: On the same day that life broke my heart stamping my son with one of the most negative labels in existence. It’s all been so meant for me all along… I’ve received many messages lately that validate my intuition and actions. The little voice inside me is getting softer and softer, but it keeps wondering “is it too soon to stop?”… I was meditating on that very question during my morning pause a second ago, and right at that moment Joaquin came in the room telling me “it’s time!” — time to end my meditation (he usually times it for me). But how funny how the words “it’s time!” were said right when I was asking “is it too soon to stop?”… He he!… Living a magical life is just so much fun :)

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