Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

Myself, realigned

I’m slowly getting back to making

handmade and self drafted hot pink topaqua interlock leaves being sewn to altered white t-shirt
handmade dangling earrings repurposing  amethyst beads from an old necklacehandmade ruched blue jersey skirt

Two years after Joaquin’s diagnosis, the urgency to save my babe has come down, and the need to breathe for myself has come up. Old passions and hobbies felt wrong for a long time (I felt tons of guilt around them), but I’m slowly coming out of that one. No entrepreneurial spirit like before though… This is just for me.

looking straight to camera with fresh curls, handmade amethyst earrings, a white tank and my new handmade ruched skirt