Mafe Maria: Every story has a happy ending if we give it enough time

Freeing the Curls

I knew that freeing my hair was going to pay off in self acceptance, growth, and discovery…

Self-portrait with curly hair

I started this “project” almost three months ago inspired to act on acceptance, allowance, letting go of control and all those good things, using my naturally curly hair (blow dried straight for 25 years) as subject and material symbol of more ethereal aspects of myself. And as time went by I found myself consumed by a desperate quest to find THE PERFECT care routine: a list of steps I could replicate every time obtaining satisfactory and predictable results.

Only recently I’ve changed my perspective and embraced every day as a new awesome opportunity to experiment, to start NEW and see what happens. If I look like crap, there’s always tomorrow… And no coincidence, only recently I’ve discovered that the EASIEST and shortest care routine with the least amount of product and control may be the best and most successful for the type of fiber I’ve been given. Ah!… The Universe is truly magical at guiding and teaching me every way!