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Free Silent Listening

I want to practice listening. Truly listening, being PRESENT, LOVING, NON-JUDGMENTAL, and without any expectation or desire to make any kind of impact on the person I’m listening.

I have recently become aware that the expectation and desire to help are what gets most on my way to listen. I start listening keeping to my intentions until you say enough and my mind blurts out a diagnosis, I think I know you, I want to help you, I know THE way, I want to tell you, I want you to know, to change, to stop suffering, to see the solution, to help me help you… HA HA! and so I stop listening.

So for now, listening IN SILENCE is the perfect most helpful thing for my development. I also have the suspicion -and some evidence- that interacting in this way has the potential to open a vast space for you and me, more likely to help us both see our own truth, than any directive attempts and good intentions from me could.

I am offering this opportunity as a gift to myself, because during this practice I will discover all the pieces in me that get on my way to love unconditionally and accept reality just as it is. I want to see all these pieces. I want to clear them, and I have the tools. And if my best effort to listen to you from a loving, present, non-judgmental, and non-directive attitude helps you in any way, that’s a bonus.

I offer one hour for us to meet via Skype or FaceTime. I’m usually available Monday through Thursday from 8 to 10 pm MST. If you’re interested, write a comment on this post with your availability within the time range above. Your information will not be published publicly. I’ll get back with you with my availability and we’ll make a date.

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