Mafe Maria: Every story has a happy ending if we give it enough time

Fading Away

Faded street number

With the recent introduction of a set of vinyl stamps and a clear stamping block, Joaquin has forgotten about his motivation for road construction, and has played three times in a row all around making these type of stamped strips for his streets. In addition to the focus and excitement he displays from trying and figuring out new skills (e.g. arranging letters as a mirror image of his desired end product), he seems to be particularly fascinated by the idea of leaving some portions “faded”. This comes perhaps from his observation that some of the street signs around our neighborhood display some faded letters, but also… Could he be MIRRORING something more EXCITING than that?…

Like, the fact that certain aspects of our previous reality are fading away?… Like HIS challenges and limitations from his autism?… MY challenges and limitations from his autism?… My old fears and limiting beliefs?… Old “unclean” patterns I learned to take care of myself?… Portions of all those “were once there, and now they’re not”… It’s going to be fun to play this game again tomorrow while holding that perspective.

. . . . .

A few “unrelated” interesting notes about today:
In meditation I heard a voice (which I knew was Joaquin’s) saying “I am okay” and something else I can’t replicate exactly but feels right now like “the job is done; the challenge gone”.

Today, Joaquin reported seeing “threads” that scared him in his sleep last night. Upon investigation from deep curiosity I learned that such threads were white and touched his heart. He could be lying –I mean: the kid lies (yay!)… But when he told me all this, my answer was “How cool!… those threads were probably a great thing! White and bright! Clearly light… clearly something beautiful, wonderful, and helpful for you; I mean remember: You did accept five minutes of Reconnective Healing yesterday after all. I bet those threads were good yummy energy.”