Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

Becoming a Teacher

I’m currently discovering the natural talents of our new friend Megane… Acting on feedback I gave on her last play session with Joaquin (i.e. offer more actions vs. questions or “I don’t know” responses), for her second session she went with the intention to go 100% for whatever idea comes to her head. And I’m seeing the powerhouse she is.

Great building ideas!
Great requests!… Stand up and dance! and Joaquin is dancing.

Today I’m going to add to her arsenal the power of allowing space for Joaquin’s pauses and a sprinkle of “slowness” so Joaquin will be even more available and able to process the amazing variation she’s inviting him to experience.

I used to resist the idea of training new volunteers. Wanted my trained ones to stay forever. HA HA HA!… Now I LOVE teaching Son-Rise to new people, and I embrace the natural rotation of friends we’re experiencing. I love discovering their talents, and the boundaries they believe they have, and inviting them to add new perspectives to their play and lives. Variation is awesome… It keeps us motivated… And maybe, just maybe, my new perspective and excitement about new volunteers has helped Joaquin embrace the idea of new people recently.

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