Mafe Maria: Every story has a happy ending if we give it enough time

“Leon” Film Premiere

Time to make the popcorn and get cozy. It’s finally time for the world premiere of Leon, a filmmaking project that kept Joaquin and I busy and very motivated all February and part of March.

The movie is about a little lion and his friendship and adventures with two friends he meets along the way. Kiki and I created the story as we went, and it revealed itself as an ode to friendship and how it enriches and colors our world. We’re very proud of this work and Kiki’s hope is to give it to our local library for other kids to check out and watch—we’ll need to subtitle it for English audiences, and then see if they agree to take it.

Kiki learned so much from this project. I’m so proud of my little child actor and film maker!

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