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Happy in the Kitchen

Man… I have become that woman
The one that cooks delicious nutritious food every day, bakes for breakfast, makes desserts that need not envy any ultra-refined highly-processed fluffy treats, and enjoys doing it.

Four years ago, three, maybe even two years ago, I had no interest in ever being “her”. I really like how I’ve expanded.

1 French toast
2 bread loaf
3 breakfast
4 scone

1. French toast with goat milk kefir and honey (SCD)

2. Bread (gluten, sugar, and yeast free)

3. Chia pudding (almond/coconut milk and goat milk kefir), topped with millet, toasted almonds, coconut, raisins, and blueberries.

4. Currant lemon scones (gluten, sugar, and yeast free)

1 lunch
2 pizza
3 lunch
4 lunch

1. Sauteed chicken breast with veggie sauce, millet, and asparagus leek soup.

2. Pizza and raspberry kefir (gluten and yeast free)

3. Raw zucchini noodles, steamed sweet potato noodles, ground beef, avocado, and Stacy Stowers’ raw Not-Cho-Cheeze sauce (dairy free).

4. Millet garnished with peas, raw dark greens, parsley, flax and olive oil. Chicken breast cooked in GAPS chicken stock. Raw tomato sauce (tomatoes, red pepper, red onion, sweet potato, garlic. Avocado slices. A squeeze of lemon juice on top.

1 lasagna
2 dark chocolate
3 birthday cake
4 ice cream

1. Grain-free lasagna (zucchini replaces pasta)

2. Dark chocolate (sugar and dairy free)

3. Brownie wrapped in cake and icing (SCD)

4. Cake ice cream (SCD and dairy free)

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