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Land for the Man

Brick border in progress

I started working on this flower bed last weekend while Joaquin and Joey hiked. This is supposed to be step 1 on a plan to redesign the backyard inspired by Joaquin’s desire to have a running track. It was supposed to be a project where both Joaquin and I worked (though, for this first part involving a pickaxe, he couldn’t help, but I kept him involved taking measurements, buying the materials, laying the bricks to check our design)…

However, today my fire child has decided that he wants to do his own project and not work at all on this one (the one he calls mine, for just reason). He wants to make a running track all in brick and wants to dig a trench, fill it with sand and bricks (he already did the research). He wants to lead his project and be the doer of it.

So to support his passion, we’ve given him a piece of land for his project, and I’ve asked him for a proposal. He told me he wants none of my help, so I’m preparing to see some construction creativity. He promises something spectacular (his words), and I told him that if he indeed delivers “spectacular”, I will give him more land. He jumped so high!

Here’s to our life of self-directed learning, and my passionate independent fire child.

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