Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

Processing APD

While waiting for the official detailed report describing the specific flavor of our newest label, APD or “Auditory Processing Disorder”, I’ve watched myself throughout the day…

This morning began with a prayer and an intention to be open, present, and (ask for and) trust that all the information expressed today would be in support of expansion, not limitation.

The test happens and Nancy and I discuss while Joaquin entertains himself watching a movie on his ipad. I receive a piece of paper explaining not in much detail the two categories of auditory processing in which Joaquin shows difficulties. We talk about a hearing device and listening program that will provide this little brain with better auditory input for neuroplastic miracles to start brewing.

I come home and while making lunch start experiencing victim thoughts… I “knew” something was up with this auditory channel –suspected APD for sure, now have an official diagnosis and my mind starts playing “poor us” thoughts regarding all the difficulties my sweet baby has had to go through. I see how hard life used to be for him since a baby. Mind reminds me of my nieces who I just spent a week with, beautiful, intelligent, reading books for hours and quick to show all they’ve learned in school. I start feeling that ache of— WLACK! I refuse to feel this way! I immediately ask my guides and angels –the whole guiding team that has held us since day one and I summoned this morning– to clear my mind from such useless thoughts. I’ve gone through this before. We’ve conquered. I know better and refuse to feed victim neuro-pathways coming from a limited ego. A “different” kind of life happened to us for a reason, and by God I intend to make it a good one.

Now I’m starting to research the subject. I’m ready to return my Norman Doidge books to the library. I have a new book coming to target my knowledge even more. I start picturing better ways of doing things, more learning coming my way. And I thank again for my inner guidance that recently told me to look into this, to the guiding team and perfect Universe that has told me all this time to keep Joaquin at home where his self-esteem is intact, where he can get all the listening breaks he needs when he needs them, where mother and environment can respond to Joaquin’s specific needs without delay, where he’s been able to grow and grow and grow at the perfect pace for him.

ASD + APD will keep teaching us.
Poor us? Lucky us?… Whatever.
An extraordinary life it is for sure.

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