Mafe Maria: Every story has a happy ending if we give it enough time

Cheat Sheet (found in the middle of the last labyrinth)

FEAR Perspective


Cure APD in order to engage in the typical life path.
Catch up academically with typical children.


Suffering. Pressure. Stagnation. A bored state away from joy and inspiration.

LOVING Perspective


Nurture a shared daily practice for:

  • Joaquin to expand his (verbal and auditory) skills and engage with new subjects
  • Maria to expand in life lessons: go with the flow, trust, detach from outcomes, do/be from an attitude of surrender and self-kindness


  • Learn together and enjoy interesting and practical stuff
  • Have fun
  • Connect lovingly with Joaquin
  • Include his transferrable interests: stories, animals, songs, surprise, humor
  • Follow intuition and connection to highest aspects of myself above rules learned from others

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