Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

Meeting my Teachers

We stand before the children and we expect them to heal. We expect them to take up their work and do their best. They expect the same of us. We do not expect the children to be perfect. And they do not expect us to be perfect; nor do they need us to be. But if we are going to stand in front of them as honest human beings, we have to be striving. Remember, it is not what we say or do, but what we are that will make us healing educators. What we are trying to become is the best reflection of who we are.

From A Practical Guide to Curative Education. The Ladder of the Seven Life Processes by Robyn M. Brown.

Tomorrow I start volunteering in a Special Ed classroom.

This is a first second step (and test) towards building experience in a field I’m called to explore. I’ve learned for nine years from one child, and hope to learn from many more.

I know nothing, except… Son-Rise told me, Anat Baniel told me, Suzy Miller told me, and now Rudolph Steiner tells me: What we are (inside, in the moment) creates or prevents the connection. And that connection is the space from which growth can flourish—for both.

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