Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

Lego Wars is back

Yesterday Kiki and I made plans for three environments we need to represent in the opening scenes of his TV series. We plan to use modular lego buildings to capture video and background shots, hoping that it won’t be too hard to green-screen our characters in (hopeful ambitious plans, I know!)

As we discuss these plans I realize that Joaquin already fits in the “judging” dimension of the Myers-Briggs type: He will not tolerate ambiguity about what he’s supposed to build. His dad falls more in the “perceiving” type (can function with ambiguity and/or unclear goals). Me? I’m a judging type all the way! I must have clarity. I will interrogate you to death, boss or client, until I understand exactly what you want. So Joaquin takes completely after me.

We go upstairs, he takes a look at the lego cabinets and suddenly knows: He can’t wait to get started building this medieval street we just decided on. But first!… He immediately needs to resume the Lego Wars competition that has been on hold for over a year.

11.5-year-old working in the middle of several trays filled with lego bricksgiving me sort of a stink eye, he shows a plushie to the camera
Chiquitin-Grandulon may be starting to look “older”… But he still lives in a world that includes his muñequitos

Soon co-existing in our tiny bird room:

  • My (closet) web design studio
  • Lego Wars
  • King of Swords stage building
  • Joaquin’s incessant chatter and singing

I may have to move out
Or kick him out :)

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