Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

The Priestess

While participating in Rise Above, a program led by Kate Wilde and Raun Kaufman, one of the exercises asked me to create a superhero version of myself that embodies the #1 way how I am the solution to my issues.

Creativity is always a powerful and healing doorway into myself and my outward expression, so I got deep with this one, and designed my superhero focusing on being the solution to my desire for appreciation about the products I create.

You see, above all, I am a creator. And when I create something, and put it out there for others to see, read, watch, use, or buy… The response I want is one that expresses something like:

I value this
I want this for me
I appreciate your work
I care about this
I listen to you
I value you and your work
I follow (watch for / pay attention to) what you do
I am touched / affected by this / you
This is well done
This (and you) deserve my attention

This want for appreciation may be universal or just typical of the human template I am, but this is how it manifests for me.

People may respond to my creations in different ways, and I appreciate them all. However, the response that I most count, enjoy, and “crave” is the one that recognizes the full worth of what I created.

So I asked myself: Who?
Who is the person that I count when they give me this response—because the truth is, some people may express this kind of appreciation, but I may not count them. And in quiet stillness, this is the description I found:

She. Old. Wise.
Her opinion matters because she is a master and she knows.
Teacher. My teacher.
Knows me. Sees me.

And I realized that she is a mentor! In fact, my mentor!

Which cracked me up, because that is what I am calling myself right now. So I’m learning mentoring, and my “superhero” is my mentor. And among all mentor types out there, the one that resonates with me—because I’ve always thought I am her—is the Sorceress. The High Priestess. The Wise and Magical Woman.

She is a future version of myself, and one who I already communicate with (and consult regularly) as I take my first steps in this new life adventure. And through connecting with her, I am practicing how to appreciate myself and every one of my creations—no matter what response I receive from the outside world.

Kate read my answer, and felt inspired to share with me one of her contacts (a coach that has helped her). Weeks later, I got around to listening her podcast and through it, I discovered a woman.

Her name: Maria.

I loved her voice and everything she expressed in that conversation. I decided I wanted to learn more about her, so I looked for the project she is currently sharing with the world. I saw her face, listened to her more. And realized:

Oh, my goodness!
She is a physical manifestation of my mentor.
Maria Sirois. Maria S. Just like me!
Everything she teaches is my jam… What I’ve learned, what I’m learning, and what I want to master for myself and others.

I can see myself growing into someone like her in ten years. How Magical!

I have deeply enjoyed all the messages in her What to Remember series, and felt inspired to share my favorite of them with you. It speaks about the fierce, wondrous, most expansive expression of ourselves calling from the future for us to become… To Be Brave.

Enjoy, darlings!

Maria Sirois
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