Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

Life with Amethyst at the helm

Amethyst sees herself as “eternal”.

She thinks we have a beautiful face and body. Not old at all—perfect. Mia points out a few flaws, but Amethyst can’t see them. She replies:

“I love my body. I love my life. I love that we’re here playing this game.”

We dance and sing “THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW!”… and drive a little faster (but not too much) looking mad to people who can’t hear us tearing up and belting “And we will come back home; we will come back home… HOME AGAIN!”

And when she sees pictures of Maria in the past, she is surprised and exclaims “WOW! Look at her. She is gorgeous.” Mia is not there to remind us of the too-round face, and the too-curly hair, and the too-big nose, and the too-everything. Amethyst sees a young angel’s face.

We look at photos of old friends with a 10X magnifier. They all have such beautiful perfect faces.

I show her pictures of Joey then, and she gasps “OMG! we married THAT!? This is the most beautiful man I’ve met in my whole life!”.
Yes he is.

He (Amethyst’s counterpart) also reminds me across time and space with an old document in which he wrote the magical story of how we came together. I read it. It’s so good! Wish he had finished the book.

Yes. It was so magical. Such great recognition of souls ready to meet, there was no doubt this was it. At the time, Mia and Coach were not playing much. They, along with Susana and Boy Captain showed up later. It was all Carrington and Tatanka, and Amethyst and what’s-his-name?

Joaquin and I are driving back from the hospital with a 100% complete school immunization record (Mia relishes in the accomplishment to have made this happen safely). “The Boys of Summer” starts playing in the radio, and we want to get out of the car and dance with our hair. At home though, we do… still in the car. We invite Joaquin to join us. Magical Super Boy, amused, does so. How could he resist!

I sing. And dance. And walk.
Still resist cooking a little bit.
And when I notice that things get a little out of balance, I sit in the white couch, and ask Amethyst to organice it all. She gives me perspective. Moves the energy swirling in my body. Softens everything. Brings me back to the present, and to my body.

My voice is softer.
I am softer.
I tell the truth. I can speak more now (I think).
Baby steps, but…
I trust Amethyst. I trust us.
Life is wonderful.

Joaquin tells me “you have put some sand back into the hourglass”.
—Yes, love. I think I’ve flipped it.

Amethyst in me, looking straight to the camera
Whole and true
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