Mafe Maria: Every story has a happy ending if we give it enough time

Autism Parent Mentoring

Maria Stultz, former son-rise program mom, free to mentor and coach autism moms Hello, you extraordinary mom of an Awesome autistic child.

How are you?

I don’t know how this went for you, but when I first discovered my son’s autism, I felt fear like I never had before.

So many times had I seen my 2-year-old immersed in his experiments, observing life through his fingers, fascinated by details mysterious to me. I had no idea of what he was doing; playing like toddlers do, I assumed.

But what I had seen yesterday as perfect child’s play, became insanity when I placed a “disorder” label on his name. I felt my heart breaking. And I couldn’t breathe. And I thank God I only lived that way for a single day.

Within 24 hours, destiny—it must have been—connected me with a light that changed my life forever. I was able to see my son again. To love all of who he was, and see him as a wise elusive bird who had important lessons to teach me, while I invited him to grow into everything I hoped for him.

My journey began. I surprised myself rising to the occasion… Embarking in a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual quest to reach all my dreams; learning to navigate our own way through our therapeutical home program, special diets, APD, home education, and the stretch from home to school; reaching for the right kind of support when I needed it; discovering and re-discovering what this life experience has been all about: my own power and growth.

Ten years into the road, still as I nurture this brilliant, social, driven, and emotionally mature teen that I call my learning partner and son, I feel ready and inspired to step into a new adventure.

I am called to work in support of the development and education of autistic children, who I believe are the teachers humanity needs. The best way how I can serve is supporting the person gifted with the highest wisdom and power to reach a child and unfold his/her gifts: You extraordinary mom who has the will to move mountains with your love!

I’ve laid my journey’s breadcrumbs as stories in this personal blog. If my experience and words speak to you… And you’re looking for guidance, or wishing for a mentor’s support…

WELCOME! I invite you to my playroom, where we’ll connect, learn, and grow.

Intentional parenting, development, and education for our children is my passion—my favorite topic—and I’d love to help you step into your power, self-confidence, and wisdom, as you reach for every outcome you dream of for you and your child’s life.

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