My 7-year-old son kisses my cheek sweetly while we play and connect lying down on pillows outside

Hi, I'm Maria
I empower Super Moms

Years ago, when I saw that “typical” parenting and education would not be enough to raise my two-year-old autistic son, I answered a call from my heart...

My journey

I decided to nurture him in a way so he could always love learning and be able to thrive. This led me to follow my own path, taking charge, learning, and witnessing “magic” as he grew up. It wasn't always easy, but it's been the most beautiful and fulfilling journey with the best prize:

My son and I have thrived.

And so can you and your child!
A mother's love in action moves mountains, and I'm here to support you, so you can enjoy and thrive purposely nurturing your awesome and very special child.

My 13-year-old son affectionately touches my arm as we lean together and grin happily outside

Awakening the magic of a Super Mom

Our children are amazing and a gift to the world, yet they need special help to express their gifts and participate in life as fully as they can. But society may not offer all the special support we need to raise them in the most optimal way: Kindly, gently, and effectively building the practical skills they'll need as adults. So as parents, we rise, and—out of love—develop superpowers to nurture our special child.

I help moms called to take charge

I have experienced the powerful connection a mother has to reach and teach her child, so I'm passionate to support those willing and inspired to be an intentional presence in the development and education of their autistic kids. In this process our whole self expands, and our “magic” awakens as we love, attune, and catalyze miracles in our lives.

I call us, “Magical Super Moms”

We see the brilliance in our child.

We believe we can, and are inspired to try.

We learn and become what we need, because (as far as we can see) nobody else will nurture our kid the way we can.

They may call us “helicopter moms”, “over-protective”, “strong”, “intense”, “too much”, or

Who does she think she is daring to believe that she has what it takes to help–treat–teach–educate her child?

But we know better. We feel it inside, and soon we see that we actually can. We don’t know it all, but we’re willing to learn and expand. That’s how we do magic: we grow with our child.

But sometimes we forget, fall, doubt, and get lost, and scared in our path.

I know I have...

... Have you, as well?

So I'll remind you, help, and guide you out of the “swamp” with the practical and emotional support you need to flow in your own—perfect—way to be a powerful nurturing presence for your child.

Maria Stultz mentors and provides support services for autism parents and Son-Rise Program moms

My mentoring service

Magical Super Moms are powerful and strong, but the journey to our dreams can be rocky at times. Success requires we stay on purpose and inspired, and we can do it with the right support at key moments of the way. This is what I offer.

Let's meet

Welcome to a nourishing relationship between sisters in the autism parenting journey

Throughout my journey I've sought to feel empowered, purposeful, and happy, always moving towards choices that nourish and build me up this way, while discarding the opposite. I believe that the best possible outcomes for our children and ourselves come from the actions we're inspired and willing to take from such experience. And so, my purpose is to support an experience of comfort, self-confidence, and intentional action in your life as a parent, educator, and individual, by offering:

  • Practical emotional support

    When limiting thoughts and beliefs hijack your flow, I'll help you inquire into your mind's stories. I'll offer gentle questions, alternatives, observations, and a space where you can see solutions, dismantle limitations, and center in empowering perspectives.

  • Relevant experience and guidance

    Parenting my 13-year-old has taught me much about: Special diets, child-centered play therapy, leading a home program and a support team, igniting neuroplasticity, self-directed education and homeschooling, auditory processing issues, self-inquiry, intuition, authenticity, and more.

  • Connection and a partnership

    A joyful and mutually nurturing relationship. Co-creation. Community. As your sister in this extraordinary life journey I see you, and will validate your experience, help you break useless rules, cheer your steps, and serve as a navigation partner to you—the expert in your life and child.

I found Maria's blog when my son was recently diagnosed with autism and I was searching for ways to help him. I was in a state of shock, very scared, and didn't know what to do. Her blog was so raw with all the same emotions I was feeling, genuine in her intention and love for her son, and gave me so much hope for a recovery path that I thought could work for mine. However, my life presented some significant challenges that I didn't know how to overcome in order to get the right program in place for my son. I felt compelled to reach out to Maria for some guidance. It was the best thing I ever did!

She took the time to work with me through all of my challenges by helping me search within for the answers and find solutions that felt right. She gave me clarity, renewed purpose, and hope that I so desperately needed. I felt lost in a forest that was dark and scary. Maria held my hand and lit up the path in a beautiful light so I knew the direction I needed to go and the steps to take to get a home therapy program in place for my son.

—Linda Thompson, Oct 2020

Mentoring Sessions

The core of my service

With clear attention and presence to the experiences, thoughts, and emotions you share, I'll offer answers or advice to your questions, as well as facilitated inquiry into the thoughts, perspectives, and limitations that may be causing you confusion, unhappiness, and disempowerment.

My intention is to listen for your deepest needs, ask gentle questions, reflect useful information, and offer a space where you can discover ease, clarity, empowering perspectives, and your own perfect solutions.

Each 55-min session costs $50

Maria listening, smiling, and looking as she is: warm, open, comfortable, and authentic

Custom Support Programs

Power Up Your Play Therapy Skills

My son's first friends, a stuffed bear and a Waldorf doll boy, posing in swimming shorts and goggles

Assess your play therapy skills, and boost up those that will make you most powerful at inspiring and facilitating your child's social development.

Learn More

Lead a Super Team

Our first Son-Rise Program team (two volunteers, mom, and dad) watching a video from our playroom

Gain power and confidence recruiting, training, developing, and leading individuals to help you facilitate your child's development at home.

Learn More

Empowered Magical Super Mom

I laugh next to my 8-year-old son, who is now able to integrate all the sensory input in a big party

Design and dedicate a consistent and ongoing space to nurture your superpowers when you're new to the journey or want a boost.

Learn More

Among fall foliage, our 3-year-old boy smiles held on his dad's lap while I look at him lovingly

My autism parenting journey

I'll be most helpful to you if your goals and approach align with my experience and perspective on autism and our children's development and education. So learn about “my path”, and see if I may be the right mentor for you.

Let's meet

Awakening the magic of our child's brain

I think of magic as every development—from a tiny step to a quantum leap—which signals that a special child has started learning an ability they were not naturally developing on their own. This magic is real; it's called neuroplasticity.

The human brain is magical developing and refining abilities when it has the information it needs to learn, and we can purposely create the conditions in which this can happen organically.

In my experience, this involves a relaxed and sensory-friendly environment in which a child is nurtured by an intentional level of presence, loving connection, and purposeful, motivating, and subtle opportunities to perceive new information at the edges of his present skills.

A one-on-one homeschool lesson in which my son succeeds and enjoys learning core functional skills

Let's meet!

On a complimentary first-time chat.

Let's find out what kind of partnership we could make, and whether you see me as a helpful presence to support you in your path.

Zoom video • 90-min
English or Español

Send me your details and I'll email you a calendar where you can schedule our time together.

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