Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz


Nurturing a Special Child »

2-year-old Joaquin and papa climbing stairs among the glory of Utah's fall landscape

Autism changed my parenting forever. I learned how to build a "greenhouse" and help my son grow out of his challenges. Today he's out learning from the world, and while he needs me I walk and expand along with him.
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A Boy Growing Up »

11-year-old Joaquin eating popovers while posing with a fierce face

Atypical in some ways; passionate, creative, joyful, and authentic. My exceptional "child of light" who teaches me freedom as he explores, learns, rests, and expands.
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A Creative Life »

Polo, a Waldorf doll, wearing a handmade felt wolf mask

Constantly drawn to design and create handmade products to serve my needs, my mind is artistic and analytical. I live to create, transform, and manifest ideas.
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Learning Freedom »

The road in the morning we returned from our Son-Rise Intensive program, after a snow storm.

Life's ongoing curriculum teaching me how to expand my mind, heart, and power to choose an experience of ease, peace, and love under any circumstance.
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The Family »

Colorful love notes left in the playroom by one of our Son-Rise volunteers

Family is made by blood, marriage, children, by challenging and soaring experiences, by laughter, depth, love. People connected by heart; places where the soul lingers.
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Nourishing Food »

A stack of orgasmic SCD pancakes with fresh strawberries and honey

For four years our diet was limited to SCD and a bit of GAPS. Now we include gluten-free grains, cacao, and complex carbs, but we remain sugar and gluten free.
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Bringing Him Home »

My finished baby room including handmade crib bedding and a crisp bird mural

The story of how I came to bring an extraordinary child to my life and the world, and my experience waiting, nesting, and (not quite) preparing for him.
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Young and Childless »

18-year-old Maria wearing a Colombian vueltiao hat while planting a fruit tree in a moor

Stories I chose to remember from my past. Perspectives and thoughts that may or not reflect who I am anymore. Much has changed and I wear rosy-colored glasses now.
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Mastheads »

Crop from 'Sophie', a vector illustration

These pieces first started as a collection of experimental drawings, watercolors, and photos I created and rotated frequently as a creative practice. Back then I was a childless web designer. Now I have other priorities :)
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The author

Maria swinging in a playground's zip line

Hi, my name is Maria.

I created this site in 2006 to play with art and writing. Years later it has grown to hold some of my favorite memories and stories. I do it for me, but love it when others tell me they enjoy it too.