Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

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The value of support when pursuing meaningful goals »

Sometimes we get stuck or lost on our way to our goals. In my experience as an autism parent, Son-Rise Program mom, and special needs homeschooler, I’ve learned that using support relevant to my purpose is crucial at key moments in the journey. Allowing myself the help I need can make the difference between succeeding and quitting.

“I am not Enough”—is that true? »

Put against the grain of the world I fear. Criticism points to doubts I hold about myself, and it’s gotta be for me to claim my strength, to align with truth, to become my highest potential letting go of the belief that I am not enough.

On being heard »

October was so amazingly expansive, I didn’t have any time to update this blog with the many amazing things that occupied my days… I was busy bringing on board three amazing new volunteers in Joaquin’s Son-Rise Program. I was also extremely intentional, using my “eye or Mordor” focusing on areas I wanted to help develop […]

On the way to the Zingaron Place »

Joaquin’s pretend traffic lights… This image represents Joaquin’s oldest most recurring activity. I’ve joined this game many times, and I’ve been deeply challenged by it often. This morning, as I contemplated the hallway to the kitchen full of lights (not green ones), and I experienced the discomfort this explosion of objects causes in my experience, […]