Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz


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The Priestess »

In stillness I discover a future version of myself—a Priestess—who “quietly” mentors me as I begin the journey to become a mentor. Then the Universe conspires, and a physical manifestation of her soul manifests. She speaks about the fierce, wondrous, most expansive expression of myself calling from the future for me to become… to be brave.

The value of support when pursuing meaningful goals »

Sometimes we get stuck or lost on our way to our goals. In my experience as an autism parent, Son-Rise Program mom, and special needs homeschooler, I’ve learned that using support relevant to my purpose is crucial at key moments in the journey. Allowing myself the help I need can make the difference between succeeding and quitting.

Beyond Verbal »

As I start working on my new calling–listening, mentoring, serving as a supporting presence for others–the curriculum is guiding me to integrate my learning and listening channels. Refining my ability to listen for non-verbal information beyond words.

Ready to Begin »

Perfection is not required, is what I’ve lived and say to every mother of an autistic child. Yet, I thought I needed to be perfect to mentor others now. Always supporting my growth, the Wise Voice changed my lenses today. From fear I went to inspiration, just like in key Son-Rise days. So I may not be perfect, but I’m ready to begin. To learn. To teach. To co-create.