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Week 39.6: Bollito Atrincherado »

Hello bolliti, Lots have happened since my last update… Over the last two times we’ve been to the doctor, she’s confirmed that you have dropped really low and your head is pressing down on my cervix like such a tight cork, she’s having a hard time assessing how much I have dilated. You keep growing […]

Week 38: Activo Pillito »

Hey there, little Puffeth… So you missed your chance to be born a Scorpio, and you gave researchers one more statistical point to prove that the cycles of the moon don’t affect the onset of labor. This week you’ve been extremely active. More so than before… I’m seeing a lot of pointy waves cruising my […]

TMI (Too Much Information) »

For the last few months Joey has been assisting a judge for his Judicial Externship. A couple of days ago, while working, Joey’s feeling a little fidgety. He finally confides in the judge: “My wife may go into labor today… This morning she told me to stay alert because she had just passed the biggest […]

Week 37: Baked »

Sweet little bollo, You’re all baked now. We’re ready for you. Please come out. You know you want it… That crazy voice you hear every day, the one that chases and teases your little butt whenever you shake it in my belly… that’s daddy. We can tell you’re intrigued by him. He’s a lot of […]

Week 36: The Countdown Begins »

Bolliti Panfriti, Next Sunday it will have been 37 weeks, and you should be fully baked. It’s time to start dropping bebé… I only need to do one last trip to the baby store to be completely ready for your arrival. Everything else is waiting for you. This week, people’s comments about the hugeness, grossness, […]

Changes: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly »

One reason why I called my latest playground entry “Signo Fijo” is because my Sun sign, confirmed by my actual personality, rules that I tend to not like or pursue change. Well, that is true and not… I have in fact pursued some huge life-altering changes, but I must say that normally, on smaller things, […]

I’m so going to get spanked for this… »

If you remember, I started the year with some nice productivity goals. My plan was to work with an eye on a very financially lucrative “Target”, but understanding that I’m only human, attempt to at least meet the “Lazy” level. In any case, under no circumstance whatsoever, should I go below “Minimum”. So the weeks […]

Bollito or Bollita? »

Our family and friends know it now. It was impossible to keep the suspense too long before we started receiving calls from our moms, dads, and sisters. They all wanted to know: Is it a boy or girl?… Well, and I don’t blame them. Joey and I were so ready to know!… Up until now […]

Only possible in the second trimester »

So, no. I haven’t been dead. But the woes of the first trimester of pregnancy did take me away from a lot of things I usually enjoy… like blogging, or doing anything at all. At 15.7 weeks I’m happy to report that my energy seems to be back, as well as the appetite for delicious […]